Corrugated Pallet Packaging Solutions Are Eco-Friendly

Picture of corrugated boxes on pallets.Sustainable packaging solutions go beyond the materials used for the actual product containers. Pallets, for example, are the flat transport structures used when handling large packaging loads. They help to stabilize loads for more efficient handling and storage. Stretch wrap is often applied to further unitize the palletized loads and simplify transport.

Pallets are available in various materials, including wood and plastic. Wood is a commonly used material, but can be dangerous due to splinters, heavy weight, as well as insects and mold that the pallet may be harboring. Plastic pallets are an alternative to wood pallets, and while they may reduce worker injury and product contamination, they are certainly not the safer option when it comes to the environment.

Corrugated pallets are made from corrugated paper material, most commonly known for its use in shipping containers and POP displays. Corrugated, often known simply as cardboard, is made from a natural renewable resource, and is often manufactured with fibers from old corrugated containers, kraft and old newspapers. Cardboard shipping containers are frequently reused in homes and businesses, and corrugated material is one of the most recycled on the planet. By using corrugated pallets instead of wood pallets or plastic pallets, you are increasing safety within packaging warehouses while helping to reduce the harmful impacts of plastic production and waste.

In addition to eco-friendly, corrugated pallets are lightweight and affordable.

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