Hasbro Says Goodbye to PVC Packaging

Picture of Hasbro board games stacked on top of each other.Toy manufacturing giant Hasbro Inc. recently announced its plans to eliminate polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic better known as PVC, from its toy and game packaging beginning in 2013. Hasbro toys and games include familiar titles such as Mr. Potato head, Monopoly, Play-Doh, Candyland and Transformers. By switching to PVC packaging alternatives, Hasbro is increasing the safety and sustainability of its products.

What Is PVC?

PVC is also known as vinyl, and is a synthetic material used for packaging, toys, as well as bottles, bedding, clothing and construction materials. PVC is extremely durable, yet it is also difficult to break down and biodegrade after disposal. The production of PVC creates dangerous toxins that may affect people's health and safety. For these reasons, many manufacturers and companies are phasing out PVC materials from their production lines.

Alternatives to PVC

Safe packaging materials that can be used instead of PVC include recycled PET (RPET), corrugated cardboard and plant-based plastics.

Hasbro's commitment to eliminating PVC is part of its first corporate responsibility report. Other sustainable packaging initiatives by Hasbro include eliminating wire ties, increasing recycled content and finding new, responsible sources for paper.

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