New Plant-Based Box Liner Introduced By Cereal Maker

Cascadian Farm Leads The Way In Sustainable Innovation

Cascadian Farm, a maker of over 75 organic products, recently introduced the first cereal box liner created from renewable plant-based sources.  The company’s Cinnamon Crunch cereal is now being packaged in the bag, which is made of up to 57% fully certified plant-based materials.

The liner is only the latest innovation in the brand’s sustainability initiative in support of Cascadian Farm’s mission to help shape a better world.

Jennifer Jorgenson, Cascadian Farm’s Marketing Director, went on record saying, “At Cascadian Farm, we know that every choice we make can help shape a better world, now and for the future.  A desire to protect our Earth’s resources led us to develop this groundbreaking inner bag.”

Cascadian Farm’s sustainable packaging experts developed the bag together with proprietary sustainable packaging developers.  The liner is one of the key initiatives by the company to use renewable resources.  Cascadian Farm says that using plant-based resources, which can be rapidly and naturally replenished, is a big step toward being more closely aligned with the land.

The brand also notes that more U.S. consumers are buying sustainable products.  That number has risen from 69% in 2012 to 78%, an impressive increase over just one year.

A New Box For The Impressive New Liner

To help show the environmental benefits of the new box liner to their customers, Cascadian Farm has designed a new paperboard box (100% recycled) for their Cinnamon Crunch cereal as well.  The box features graphics and messages about the innovative inner bag.  It also displays the “We’re Growing A Better Package” logo, which states that the liner is made of up to 57% plant-based material, as well as a USDA certification which notes the package as being bio-based.

Cascadian Farm’s Cinnamon Crunch with the new plant-based inner bag is now available nationwide at major supermarkets and many natural food stores.