New Sustainable Packaging Solution Launched By Costa

New Green Packaging From Costa Coffee

Costa’s new packaging was designed to reduce the amount of resources needed to package their products.  They hope to save more than 18 tons of paper per year as part of their drive to achieve zero landfill waste before the year 2017.

The initiative is part of their parent company’s corporate responsibility strategy.  Whitbread’s “Good Together” program aims at being a force for good within society while also ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability.

Costa is the first coffee product retailer in the United Kingdom to feature front-of-package nutritional labels consistent with those supported by the UK’s food and health organizations like the British Heart Foundation.

Costa’s Head-Of-Food Comments On The Packaging

Costa’s Head-of-Food, Jane Treasure, recent said, “At Costa, we are delighted with the improvements we have made to our packaging and the customer response to it.  Now using fewer resources and displaying new nutritional labeling, this re-designed packaging demonstrates Costa’s role as an industry leader with regard to corporate responsibility and sustainability.”

The news of Costa’s new packaging comes as the company opens its first concession with their newest partner, The Garden Centre, In Northampton.

A spokesman for Costa said, “As the UK’s favorite coffee shop, and one of the success stories on the UK high street, we work closely with planning departments across the country to open new stores for the benefit of their local communities, creating new jobs and providing attractive and popular social meeting places.”