Sustainable Packaging

Recycled Packaging used to make handbags, jewelry, and more.It all started in Mexico, in 2004, with a family vacation. Ecoist was born after the founders came across beautiful handbags made out of candy wrappers and potato chip bags while in Mexico. The Miami-based company now creates accessories ranging from handbags to jewelry out of post-consumer waste.

By partnering with major brands such as Frito-Lay, Mars, Aveda and Coca-Cola, Ecoist products feature innovative, stylish and quality designs with eye-catching recycled packaging. The wrappers used include packaging that has been misprinted, or obsolete packaging that would otherwise be thrown away.

Items include coin purses made out of M&Ms wrappers, bracelets with bar code designs, and reusable shopping bags that help reduce plastic waste. The handbags, for which Ecoist is best known, are 100% handmade with recycled materials. In addition to candy wrappers and food packaging, the materials include subway maps, newspapers, soda labels and others bound for the landfill.

Ecoist's upcycled products have helped reduce packaging waste by saving 40 million wrappers from landfills. And for every handbag sold, Ecoist plants a tree.

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New Packaging Design for Olay products helps reduce waste.Procter & Gamble, a global company known for big brands such as Tide, Charmin, Cover Girl and Gilette, has also long been recognized for its sustainable solutions that help conserve energy and reduce waste. One of its successful innovations includes the redesign of Olay cosmetic packaging.

Ditching the Clamshell

With the cost of oil steadily on the rise, there has been an increasing need for more cost-effective, environmental-friendly alternatives to the traditional all-plastic clamshell. Enter trapped blister designs, which consist of a plastic shell sealed to corrugated cardboard material. The shell contains the product, making it more visible on the retail shelf, while the corrugated cardboard makes the package easier to open and more eco-friendly. Olay reduced millions of pounds of plastic packaging by making the switch from clamshells to trapped blisters for many of its cosmetic products.

Improved Pump Design

Sometimes even the smallest change in packaging design can reduce thousands of pounds of plastic. In the case of Olay's Total Effects product line, the new design is expected to save 800,000 pounds of plastic per year. That's the weight of a Boeing 747! The change involves an improved pump design for Olay Total Effects moisturizers - making it easier for customers to use the product while significantly lowering the amount of plastic materials required.

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Nike Gamechanger Bucket promotes recycling efforts.Across the globe, people are finding new ways to combine safety, recycling and employment efforts to help improve impoverished communities. According to a recent article in Plastic News, a successful water filtration program in Haiti has the potential to eventually bring recycling and jobs throughout the country.

What Is the Gamechanger Bucket?

The Gamechanger Bucket is a program through Nike that provides communities in Haiti with clean water. The kit includes a plastic bucket with a built-in water filter. Also included in the bucket is a soccer ball, encouraging sports among the children in the community who are often used to using small, homemade balls out of stuffed socks. Together, the water filter and soccer ball help to promote all-around health and wellness. Nike has given out more than 1,000 buckets throughout Haiti thus far.

What's Next for the Gamechanger Program?

With the success of the Gamechanger Bucket, Nike is now looking to move the project into recycling efforts. Haiti's waterways are cluttered with plastic trash. By setting up local waste collection and recycling programs, unemployed people could start earning money for collecting and sorting materials, while the Gamechanger Bucket could be produced with the recycled plastics.

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Dragon made from recycled packaging.Adults, children, homeless people and other community members in Augusta, Georgia, joined together to create Artie the Dragon - a massive 72-foot piece of art made out of recycled packaging. Artie the Dragon was a part of a public art project that was displayed at the fourth annual Westobou Festival in October, a celebration of fine and performing arts.

Starting in August, community members began collecting their old plastic and soda bottles, plastic grocery bags, and old cans of spray paint to contribute to Artie the Dragon. People could even help build the structure, which began with a base of chicken wire molded into the shape of a serpent. The plastic bottles were used to create the dragon's spine, and plastic bags of all colors were used as scales. His head is a rusted 1948 Chevrolet panel truck, and his eyes consist of electrical spools and Volkswagen hubcaps.

Once Artie is removed from public display, the packaging used to create him will be recycled. The project successfully brought the community together to not only appreciate art, but to raise environmental awareness by encouraging adults and children to recycle old packaging materials.

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Recycled cardboard packaging used for making sculptures.Old cardboard boxes can be recycled, reused and even turned into works of art. Mark O'Brien, an artist based in the United Kingdom, makes three-dimensional sculptures out of recycled corrugated cardboard. His portfolio includes cardboard sculptures of airplanes, cameras, shoes, guitars and even characters dressed in full armor. The cardboard shoes were created from recycled corrugated beer boxes, and modeled after shoes that O'Brien likes but might not be able to afford. His work is often used as props or for display in various shops.

O'Brien, a graphic design graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University, is also working on starting up workshops to show others how to use recycled materials for arts and crafts. Corrugated cardboard is extremely accessible and familiar to everyone, and is a strong, durable and flexible material that can be formed into endless shapes and designs. By using cardboard in his artwork, O'Brien is not only sending out a message about sustainable art, but he is also helping to reduce waste and encouraging others to do the same.

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